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Advanced Yoga 2-Disc Set with Rodney Yee
Advanced Yoga 2-Disc Set with Rodney Yee

Advanced Yoga 2-Disc Set with Rodney Yee

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For advanced yoga practitioners only. In this rare window on the private practice of America's favorite yoga instructor, witness incredible footage of Rodney Yee performing an advanced sequence based on his own personal yoga routines. Two DVDs complete with Rodney's voice instruction to guide your own yoga practice. Includes three full-length advanced practices to help you realize new levels of power, intuition, ease, and reward in yoga and your life. Learn how to build up to and sequence intense arm balances, and trust yourself more in these challenging poses. Approximate Total Run Time: 125 Minutes.

Total Body, Arm-Balance Workout (45 minutes): Engage and strengthen your triceps, entire upper body, core, and legs with intense poses.

Hip-Opening Routine (30 minutes): Increase flexbility and mobility in the most neglected part of the body to help prevent knee and joint problems.

Advanced Pranayama (30 minutes): A breath absorption practice to improve lung capacity and circulation of rejuvenating oxygen-rich blood. 

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