65cm Anti Burst Deluxe Yoga Ball
65cm Anti Burst Deluxe Yoga Ball

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Product Overview

65cm: For people 5'6" to 6' tall
Textured and slip-free
Extra thick and puncture resistant
Anti-burst vinyl
Holds up to 600 pounds of pressure


Looking to kick your fitness routine up a notch? Get the ball rolling with Yoga Direct's 65 cm Yoga Ball! The yoga ball has a laundry list of alternate aliases: physio ball, swiss ball, Pilates ball, exercise ball, or fitness ball -- they are all the same! Our 65cm ball is the right size for people that are 5'6" to six feet tall. A smaller 55cm yoga ball or a larger 75cm or 85 cm ball is also available. Use yoga balls for Pilates, resistance training, floor work, and stretching to add variety and raise the difficulty of exercise routines. They also double as an office chair! Our 65cm ball comes in 4 colors and are designed for maximum safety with a textured, sticky surface so you won't slip from under the ball even through heavy perspiration. Made from thick and anti-burst vinyl so it is durable and won't pop like a balloon if it's ever punctured. Hand or foot pump necessary to inflate sold separately. This item is priced wholesale. Own a studio or gym? We also sell fitness ball racks as an attractive solution to yoga ball storage.

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Customer Reviews Average Rating review
Sturdy Exercise Ball
As promised, extra sturdy exercise ball. Perfect for yoga, stretching, and also doubles as an office chair. Looking forward to much use. I recommend this product.
Reviewed by: MamaJava from Baltimore, MD USA. on 5/3/2018
So Far, So Good
At this time, I have not used these extensively, so my review is based on use thus far, not long-term experience. I bought ten of the 65 cm balls in advance of getting my certifications so I can teach Drums Alive and other group exercise classes. While I'm only 5'2", my primary use of the balls will be to use them to drum on, not to sit or lean on. However, my husband is the right height for the balls and had no problem sitting on one without feeling that they were going to give. I have drummed on them to be sure they were as durable as advertised. So far, so good. My one complaint is not about the ball, but the lack of inflation instructions with them. I am new to ordering equipment and was surprised that there wasn't a slip to tell me how to know when they were as full as they should be. My husband found instructions online that were helpful, but had nothing to do with the manufacturer. Below is what we ended up doing and it worked great. Measure out a string or piece of yarn to the diameter of your ball. In this case, 65*3.14=204.1. Now, get two boxes (preferable ones that are at least as tall as half the height of the ball, about 33 cm.) and place them 52 cm apart, 80% of the fully inflated size. Put a ball in between the boxes. Inflate the ball to 80%, which will make the sides touch both boxes at its middle. Push the plug in just enough to stop the air from escaping, but not enough to fully insert it into the ball. Set it aside for at least 24 hours. That gives the ball time to loosen up. Next, move the two boxes to 65 cm apart. Put a ball between the two boxes and inflate until the middle touches both sides. It should be fully inflated. Double-check the measurement by taping one end of the string or yarn to the middle seam of the ball. Roll the ball away from your body while running the string down the center. When you run out of string, it should wrap around the ball, just touching end to end. If it overlaps, you need to inflate a little more. If it doesn't touch, your ball is over-inflated and you need to let some air out. When it's properly inflated, push the plug in completely. If you need to fill it again at another time, you may need to use two dimes to work the plug out.
Reviewed by: Vickey Beaver from Rochester. on 6/23/2015
Great for the counseling office.
Working with students who have a variety of needs, I have a unique collection of seating options. These balls are durable and, are great for my room. I wouldn't recommend them for the classroom, though. The kids are likely to stab them with pencils and other sharps thus, breaking them.
Reviewed by: Jenay from Zephyr Cove. on 5/27/2015