15 Things Every Yogi Needs After Graduation

If you’ve recently walked the path of transition, exchanging the past couple of years for a handshake and a scroll, you understand the feeling that comes next.

You’ve created a new version of your life in the time spent absorbing collective information, new friends, cherished memories, and inspiring mentors that all became your new daily "normal."

The feeling of transition is one we have all experienced at some time in our life.

Replacing our “normal” with a new one brings us all into diverse attitudes. Some urge to retreat, needing time to figure out their next steps in life. Slowly manifesting and accepting the change. Others embrace the unknown with confidence, challenging the Universe for what it has to offer. Exploring every possibility for new opportunities.

Which one are you?

Maybe you’re even somewhere in between.

As each of us make our way further out into the world, whether that’s traveling to unfamiliar places, experiencing new things, challenging yourself to stillness and patience, we all have one thing in common.

We are all searching . . .

The documented benefits of yoga and meditation have increased exponentially since 2003, covering our entire nation with a proven list of highly notable effects on mental, physical, and spiritual health.

For this reason, we are showcasing a few of our favorite products that have supported our practice, among others, over the years to encourage yogis to commit to their health during this new transition.

1. Stress Relief Kit

Activate your Vagus nerve and send signals of relaxation to your parasympathetic nervous system. Improve oxygen channels to your brain and relief tension from your upper back and neck. You know you need a few minutes each day of this collection!

2. Yoga Direct Essentials Yoga Kit

Reset or begin your yoga practice with a collection of yoga gear aimed to please. A new mat marks a new beginning.

3. Thai Yoga Massage Mat

A cushion for any occasion. Primary used in the yoga community for Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki, and Restorative Yoga. Any adventure you can think of can benefit from this foldable and washable cushion.

4. Meditation Kit

Combining our beloved Zabuton and Zafu Meditation Cushions, rest your sitting bones on this layered cozy combination for the ideal escape. Encouraging a lengthened spine while supporting your knees and feet during meditation.

5. Yoga Direct Travel Yoga Mat

This ultra-thin travel mat is made with Phthalate-free inks, no heavy metals, and is entirely latex-free. Take this durable fabric like mat with you wherever you go and provide a surface for your practice as needed.

6. "The Life We Were Born to Live"

Dan Millman presents an entirely new way of understanding life and the forces that shape it. The Life-Purpose System, a modern method of personal growth based on ancient wisdom, has helped thousands of people find new meaning, purpose, and direction in their lives.

7. The Yoga Deck

Olivia H. Miller writes about alternative ways to maintain physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Containing 50 poses and meditations for body, mind, and spirit, each card gives detailed instructions, benefits, and affirmations to carry with you throughout your day.

8. Find Your Perfect Bolster

Discover restoration and support like you’ve never had before. Choose your size, shape, and density for posture restoration and relaxation.

9. My Mat My Yoga

A chic, smart and inspiring platform to move through a well thought out sequence of 48 traditional yoga poses. Ideal for beginners or advanced students of yoga.

10. Plexus Yoga Wheel

Incredible back relief pain and posture restoration tool. Use a yoga wheel to traction the spine and take the pressure off your discs. Master difficult yoga poses and widen your range of motion with this ideal prop.

11. Meditation Chair

Embrace stillness. Able to provide back support and a cushioned surface for your meditation practice, collapse and carry with you as needed. We love this chair for yoga festivals to provide outdoor seating!

12. Crescent Cotton Zafu Meditation Cushion

Indented to form the perfect seat cushion, you’ve never had a pillow like this one. Unlike average zafus, these crescent-shaped pillows offer an innovative way to find comfort during meditation.

13. Sit-Up and Stretch Pad

Fire up your core and support your spine with this rounded foam cushion. Target your lower abdomen during exercises, avoiding injury and providing proper alignment for continuous motions.

14. Educated Elastic Stretch Strap

Follow all 14 exercises showcased on the strap itself for a mindless workout to direct your focus and improve your health. Toning your body made easy!

15. A Symbol to Remember

Wearing something everyday that reminds you of an affirmation or mantra to yourself, of your practice, and the direction you’re heading is significant. Looking down at a friendly reminder to the state of mind you wish to stay complacent in can reset your mind as life throws its curveballs. This Om Sterling Silver Signet Ring by Shanti Boutique is one of a kind!

Let’s encourage the best verizon of ourselves. Let go of the past, embrace the future, and remain in the present. The tools above will surely help you do that and face all challenges you’ll face to gain your ultimate strength.