10 Yoga Poses to Prepare you for Winter Sports

As we head deeper into the winter season, more of us are looking to head to the mountains to participate in winter sports.

A few of us even live near a mountain year round and dive heavy into sports such as skiing and snowboarding all the time.

Injuries during these sports are no joke! Taking the right precautions and safety tips are a must. In order to reduce your risk of injury, whether it’s been a while or whether you’re warming up for another day on the slopes, this yoga sequence containing ten key poses is the perfect way to warm up the muscles and strengthen your body for … whatever the snow throws at you.

Plank Pose:

Full body engagement, strengthening your shoulders, back, and core. You’ll need to be able to catch yourself.

Locust Pose:

Another full body engagement using your core to balance. Great for the glutes and thighs as well. Balance is a mindset.

Downward-Facing Dog:

Stretch and lengthen your spine, pushing down onto your back heels for a calf and Achilles heel stretch as well. No need to cause unnecessary tension in the lower back, this pose will also aid in your lower body cramping up.

Warrior I:

Weight distribution is key to winter sports. Learning how to hold your body in order to move the way you want. This pose gets your body ready, while also practicing balance.

Chair Pose:

You’ll need your leg strength, no doubt about it. This pose will engage your core and help you to feel the burn in your legs.


Engage your glutes, pushing your shoulders down and away from you. Your wipeouts will be extra cozy and easier to avoid with a tight tush.

Plow Pose:

Stretch those shoulders and upper back out my extending those legs overhead. Most of us hold our stress in this area, so loosening it up before spending extended hours in the snow will help to avoid any extra knots.

Seated Forward Fold:

Stretching your vertebra, hamstrings, and shoulders, this intense asana is a must for a full body stretch.

Boat Pose:

“Oh hello core!” This is a love-hate pose as it not only engages your core but takes a ton of balance. You’ll want a straight back more than straight legs are you engage your core. A slight or full bend in the knees is fine to carry out this pose, working up to having both sides of the “V” straight.


Don’t think you can do anything without enough rest yogis. Your body will need plenty of sleep and Savasana in order to maintain focus and strength. Not to mention how much awake and happier you’ll be on the slopes!

Turn these 10 yoga poses into a flow, repeating at least 3-5 times before laying into your corpse pose (Savasana).

Enjoy your winter sports yogis! The yoga mat used in this sequence was our Dragonfly Yoga Performance Pro Mat below:  


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